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I've never used a fungicide on pears.  Like Donna, the most serious pest I've observed is fireblight.  Codling moth has been a problem on Asian pears and on some cultivars of Asian hybrids, so I might bag them in the future.  For whatever reason, I haven't seen significant codling moth damage on European pears.  Like Brooks Drain did in the '50's, I'm trying to deal with leafspot by selecting resistant cultivars.

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>> Bill,  Some pears get leaf spot, some don't.  I wouldn't worry about it. They sometimes get some codling moth, but not enough to worry about.  Apart from fire blight they don't have too many serious problems.  I did find a borer in one once.  Donna
>OK, thanks, Donna. I'll just see what happens this year.
>As I say, I haven't been able to find a fungicide rated for pears. I 
>don't know if they'd actually cause damage to pears, or if there just 
>wasn't enough demand to test it. (I believe that Captan can cause fruit 
>drop, but Immunox seems to be a good choice for most things,... though, 
>again, the label doesn't mention pears.)
>I did have worms in the Asian pears last year, but since I only had four 
>pears total, I didn't worry about it much. I don't know what pest it 
>was, though we do have codling moths here. Unfortunately, my 
>strawberries pretty well surround the pear trees, so I couldn't spray 
>while they were blooming. Well, in general, I don't spray nearly enough, 
>apparently. (But I don't need perfect fruit, either, when I'm eating it 
>Thanks again,
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