[NAFEX] where is global warming?

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Fri Jun 5 12:40:30 EDT 2009

We had the same thing here on Sunday. Wind, hail, then snow. Enough snow 
  to make the ground and rooftops white.
I didn't see it because I was returning from a family trip to the 
tropics. Cruise ship Carnival Freedom sailing as far south as Antigua. 
We were landing at the Albany airport about the time the snow was 
happening up here. Three hours later we got home with no sign of snow 
but the temperature was 38 degrees at 7 PM.
Even last night, the low at the local airport was 31 and the forecast 
lows are in the mid 30s until Monday. I am so lucky because my house is 
next to a lake and we stay 4 or 5 degrees warmer at night compared to 
the airport or compared to houses on the other side of town.

Steve in the Adirondacks

Caren Kirk wrote:
> Ernest, where are you?  I feel your pain.  We're still in our lng sleeves 
> and wooly socks.  Sunday afternoon I convinced my family to go for a bike 
> ride.  It was 7 deg C with a freezing wind and then it hailed 1cm

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>> Frost tonight.  Saw snow flakes yesterday.  Tomatoes plants have died
>> from frost.  Where is global warming?  Two college girls came to
>> house to preach the horrors of global warming.  I asked them how they
>> knew about global warming.  They said they just know-people are bad
>> to environment.  Most of my apple trees have not come out of
>> hibernation or are dead.  Crab apple trees grown from Siberian
>> rootstock are flowering profusely.

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