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Jim, I don't know for sure whether Ure is self-sterile, but guess it is. My
experience with it is similar to yours. Mine is growing in the best
location in my Pear Orchard, next to a Golden Spice a SummerCrisp and a
Luscious, all four bloom profusely (Ure first) and the other three set
heavily -- even this cool Spring. However so far I have scored about 4 Ure
pears in 4 years of flowering. This year looks better but it is still a
very light set. Maybe it needs a few more years. Mine is youngish, but at
13 years in the ground not so young! I have a (small) branch of `Early
Gold' -- which is a seedling of Ure I believe -- on the Golden Spice (just
4 years since grafting) and it has produced several times more fruit than
the Ure! I have had more fruit (and quite good) from an Anjou which is not
supposed to be hardy here.


Z 3b/4a VT.

>     Are Ure pears self sterile? Mine gets thousands of flowers, attracts bees but only sets a few dozen (sometimes fewer) fruits.  I'd consider grafting other varieties onto it for cross pollination however it blooms before other varieties, trees that are located some distance away.
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