[NAFEX] pruning blackberries

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
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For erect blackberries such as Oachita, Kiowa, Navaho etc. that is true.  These have erect stiff canes and produce strong branches when pruned in this manner.  Especially if these branches are trimmed a manageable length while dormant, this is absolutely the easiestand cheapest way to manage these plants.  For semi-erect varieties such as triple crown, this is less true.  I think for these you are more likely to need a trellis although it may depend a little on what part of the country you are in.  These varieties just don't have the stiffness of their canes to be fully self supporting as the others are, although they don't need anything complicated or heavy, they do benefit from some trellising.  Here in Oregon most of the blackberries are trailing varieties that absolutely do require a trellis or else they'd be sprawling all over the ground.

Michael Dossett
Corvallis, Oregon
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>     Last year while on a
> road trip with Ed Fackler and I think Lee Sharp?, we
> discussed pruning blackberries. They stated that you could
> prune blackberries at around 4 feet and wouldnt have to
> trellis them. Nourse recommends tip pruning around 42
> inches. I must add I am talking about triple crown and
> wauchita. 
>    Now I know some folks on this list think
> Ed is the second coming and that is fine but by his own
> admission he is a bullshitter. So I am asking the rest of
> the list if they have used this method and if so what are
> the pros and cons. One obvious one would be you wouldnt have
> to waste time and money on trellising. 
> Mark
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