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I have a link showing 'evans' on 'jumping pound' pin cherry from when I was visiting an apple farmer in Fairbanks Alaska;
-left side 'evans' -right side 'jumping pound' -arrow is the graft high on JP pin.

I heard of that person that grafts the 'lapins' and he also uses 'evens to the same stock.
I did the reverse of a couple pin cherries to a sweet cherry stock and for 2 years 
not showing any problems yet.  Mind you I live in the moist northwest and I need
pin cherries under the protection of the greenhouse or they would have been
overcome by disease.


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On the Far North Garden Forum there is a picture of a Lapins Cherry
grafted to a pin cherry rootstock.  There is one great looking ripe
cherry in the picture.  I may be too suspicious but it looks a little
like the ripe cherry was stapled on.  Anyway, anyone have experience
using pin cherry as a rootstock?  I think I heard somewhere about pin
cherry rootstock.  I wonder if Evans cherry could be grafted on this
rootstock?  There are a lot of pin cherry trees growing about 100
miles South of me but I have never seen on growing here.  I have
never grafted cherries.

zone 2/3 Minnesota
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