[NAFEX] Pruning Apricots

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Thu Jun 4 21:33:40 EDT 2009

Frost may have killed branches.  Scratch the bark to see if it is
green under the bark.  If the branches are thin, chances are the
branch is dead.  Good luck.  Unfortunately, apricots are really fussy
about where they will live.  I have a Scout apricot which lived
through last Winter's -45 F.  I am amazed it lived.  

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>My Goldcot Apricot had started blooming in early April when the 
>temperature here dropped to 23° F, killing all of the blossoms and 
>unopened flower buds. No big surprise, since that's happened every
>since I planted it in 2006 (I did get a half-dozen apricots last
>Right now, the main branches are lined with spurs that appear dead
>leaves, at least). The smaller branches, too, are bare of leaves for 
>half to two-thirds of their length. All of the leaves are at the
>mostly on the new growth of the year. Is this normal, or did the
>kill most of the leaf buds, too? And will there be new flower and
>buds there next spring? In other words, will these branches and spurs
>recover, or should I be doing something, um,... more aggressive in 
>restoring the tree?
>I'm just wondering how I need to prune the tree to keep it producing 
>flower buds. I didn't need to do much dormant pruning this year,
>I've got the branches held quite horizontal to slow its growth a bit.
>course, that was before the buds froze. But I am doing some summer 
>pruning and training now, mostly removing some very vigorous vertical
>shoots (which I expected). The tree looks healthy, but the inside is 
>pretty bare. Assuming that the weather cooperates next year, will
>bare areas produce buds again?
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