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Thu Jun 4 20:07:07 EDT 2009

   I have long been a Mango fan searching out different varieties. There are hundreds in the world but only a few available to us in the states through commercial sources. The unfortunate thing is that 99.9 percent are Tommy Atkins. There best quality is that they stand up to the rigors of storage and transport.
   Your best resource is to have a friend in south florida who grows them and can ship you some. There is a Mango conference and or festival every july I believe at the Fairchild botanical garden. Each year they focus on a dif. countries varieties. I have never been but have always threatened to go as a birthday gift to myself.i think Rob Hamilton has gone. At least we have talked about it anyway.
  I will urge people who have a whole foods in there area to check in on them in late summer. They have a deal to sell Kiett mangos from a grower in The Coachella valley of California. Below I have provided a link. I have had them and they are divine.

SW Ohio
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