[NAFEX] Political commentary

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Thu Jun 4 16:11:53 EDT 2009

It seems to me political remarks and environmental remarks get the most
"hits" on this list.  It seems to really rile peoples emotions.  This list
seems to have wide and fairly loose leeway as far as topics go.

I don't think fluffy was out of line with his political comment.  Bill
Garthwight, whom I consider a friend, (although I don't share most of his
religious or political views) frequently makes such views known.    Bill has
a right to add his tag lines, as fluffy has a right to add a small political
line to his posts.  If we don't agree, I think we all are mature enough to
agree to disagree.

With regard to global warming.  Personally, I've not made up my mind yet.
Scientific conclusions are always changing, that's what makes science so

Some things that need to be answered in my mind:

-Will a moderate amount of global warming be negative for most of mankind?

-Will any measures the U.S. plans to take, or is able to take, have any
measurable effect on global warming (My impression is that it won't)?

- Is this the most pressing problem of our future?  (My thought is the
extinction of fossil fuels will do more to alter the lifestyle and behavior
of mankind, than global warming)

Who knows, swine flu, terrorists with nukes (imagine one U.S. city after
another, nuked by suicide bombers) or global war, may be the next dire
problem for the survival of mankind (if survival of mankind is the goal) and
global warming will pale by comparison.  Global warming is hot, and
emotional right now, but that could change very quickly.


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In a message dated 6/4/2009 6:26:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
swim_at_svc at yahoo.com writes:

I am also appalled that this list would be used for political commentary
instead of reasoned discourse about fruit exploration and further concerned
that the membership, list moderator and NAFEX administration would tolerate

Dear swim_at_svc,

I'm writing as past NAFEX president and board member for several years, but
not officially in any capacity.

NAFEX does not own this website. It is being graciously donated. The list
moderator and officers have taken the position of giving wide discretion to
subjects, however occasionally certain subjects or persons are blocked. Even
I was once blocked for a monent. There are too many messages sent for anyone
to act as gate keeper and read each message before allowing it to pass.
Contributors for the most part have always been civil. Well....... except
the Fluffy One who gets close to the edge sometimes. (Love you Fluffy)

NAFEX doesn't have the finances to pay a gate keeper for the time that would
be required. But if someone writes using profanity, threatens others or is
abusive to others, he will be blocked quickly when attention is brought to
the list moderator.

The global warming topic has been discussed many times, without mutual
agreement as to the cause or causes. It isn't a fruit topic, but affects
fruit growing in all areas. This has been a topic discussed since Thomas
Jefferson's time. I've been known to throw in my 2 cents worth.

But yes, in my opinion Fluff should have refrained from submitting the
political jab and should have been ignored drawing no rebuttal which there

Jerry Lehman,  list member

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