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John Barbowski jbarbowski at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 15:16:30 EDT 2009

Speaking of pears, I have lost 95% of my Clapp's Favourite. I had profuse
blossoms and perhaps 150 'fledgelings' developing just after petal fall. At
that time they were sprayed with a Wilson's Fruit Tree spray (Phosalone 4%,
Ferbam 15% - to whick I added Malathion).

I now have a handful remaining! The majority shriveled into a black, hard,
nut-like ball. Some of the mal-formed have obvious insect damage.

This occurred two year's ago on about two dozen of the fruit - however - the
fruit had a bit more development to about quarter size. There was insect
damage, and when I split the fruit, I had some small black larva. I
suspected coddling moth - but wasn't sure.

Last year, following my usual procedure, I had a good crop with almost no

This thread on pear spraying twigged my delema and I posted four pics on
photobucket. Advice would be helpful.


Canadian zone 6b (just north of Toronto)

> > Bill,  Some pears get leaf spot, some don't.  I wouldn't worry about it.
> They sometimes get some codling moth, but not enough to worry about.  Apart
> from fire blight they don't have too many serious problems.  I did find a
> borer in one once.  Donna
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