[NAFEX] Loss of vigor

Kathryn Mathews kathmath at charterinternet.com
Thu Jun 4 12:45:11 EDT 2009

All my fruit trees came through our relatively cold (-25F) but snow-covered
winter just fine except for a tart cherry and a cornelian cherry.  They
bloomed and leafed out, but they don't have the fully-leafed out appearance
they should at this point.  They are definitely alive, but look sort of
anemic.  They have leaves, but you can still "see through" them and one or
two smaller branches are dead.  Is this just a normal reaction to a cold
winter?  The leaves on the cornelian cherry might be slightly "rolled", so
it may have some kind of leaf disease.  The cherry tree doesn't look like is
has any bug or disease issues.  How concerned should I be?  Is there
anything I can do besides wait and see what happens?
Kathryn Mathews
Southern MN
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