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> I am also appalled that this list would be used for political commentary 
> instead of reasoned discourse about fruit exploration and further concerned 
> that the membership, list moderator and NAFEX administration would 
> tolerate it. 

Dear swim_at_svc,

I'm writing as past NAFEX president and board member for several years, but 
not officially in any capacity.   

NAFEX does not own this website. It is being graciously donated. The list 
moderator and officers have taken the position of giving wide discretion to 
subjects, however occasionally certain subjects or persons are blocked. Even 
I was once blocked for a monent. There are too many messages sent for anyone 
to act as gate keeper and read each message before allowing it to pass. 
Contributors for the most part have always been civil. Well....... except the 
Fluffy One who gets close to the edge sometimes. (Love you Fluffy) 

NAFEX doesn't have the finances to pay a gate keeper for the time that 
would be required. But if someone writes using profanity, threatens others or is 
abusive to others, he will be blocked quickly when attention is brought to 
the list moderator.  

The global warming topic has been discussed many times, without mutual 
agreement as to the cause or causes. It isn't a fruit topic, but affects fruit 
growing in all areas. This has been a topic discussed since Thomas 
Jefferson's time. I've been known to throw in my 2 cents worth.  

But yes, in my opinion Fluff should have refrained from submitting the 
political jab and should have been ignored drawing no rebuttal which there was.  

Jerry Lehman,  list member 


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