[NAFEX] global warming........an observation that has nothingto do with science....

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Wed Jun 3 22:46:06 EDT 2009

When the mile high ice sheet coming from up here takes over the South
they will not have too much to say about global warming.

FOOTNOTE:  some humor intended

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nothingto do with science....
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>im thinking part of the issue is you southern ppl not getting us
>northerners' humor.....you kind of have to keep in mind some of us go
>through a quite long, quite cold winter.....add that to first and
>last frost dates that can shift nearly 6 weeks from one year to the
>next and.....well.....the term "global warming" has been used as a
>punch line to a joke ever seance the term came around up
>here.....most individuals know global warming really has nothing to
>do with it, its normal variations in our weather patterns.....but
>when we get a hard frost the end of May or the first killing frost
>hits us in September instead of the middle of October your going to
>hear us, mostly jokingly, wonder where in the heck the global warming
>is they have been promising us :D 
>right now im dieing working outside in the 85-90 degrees it was last
>weekend cause less than a month ago the daily high was usually around
>25 and i was running around in a t-shirt in that.....i cant quit
>its a punch line for a rather dry joke and nothing else is implied
>with it....
>Sheridan S.
>northeast Montana
>zone 3 or 4
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