[NAFEX] where is global warming?

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Wed Jun 3 18:28:30 EDT 2009

Next time I post, I'll put on a footnote just for you to explain
about irony and humor.

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>Global warming is here, among other places:
>There seems to be some confusion about what the term "global warming"
>means. It doesn't mean that the entire globe will uniformly get
>warmer. It means that the earth is getting warmer on average, with
>some parts getting warmer than others, and some even getting cooler.
>Pointing to one particular spring flurry or frost as a disproof of
>global warming is sort of like saying "Why do statisticians say
>Americans are getting shorter? That's obviously a lie, since my baby
>is growing every day!"

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