[NAFEX] mulberries - pruning to weep

Sheridan Shumway rattler_mt at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 2 13:06:36 EDT 2009

i dont know that you can easily......my weeping mulbery has a natural inclination for the branches to hang down just like a weeping willow, its not something you train for, its the natural inclination of the individual plant.....can it be done with most any plant? sure they do it in bonsai all the time.....but they put alot of work into a fairly small plant to achieve this effect.....couldnt imagine doing it on something as large and as fast growing as a mulberry in your yard.....it would be a darn near daily chore and it would be never ending for the life of the plant....

Sheridan S.
northeast Montana
zone 3 or 4


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