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Dear Ethan,   Wonderful to hear what you are doing.  Sorry our work in Tennessee wouldn't be much help, but greetings from a fellow peace activist and permaculturist.
    Hector Black  (2 months in Israel 1950)
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  Dear CRFG,
  I am a Jewish permaculture and peace activist now in Berkeley and Santa 
  Cruz, with a special interest in preserving Palestinian fruit tree culture and 
  orchards. I am beginning to start a new Foundation with a focus on identifying, 
  protecting and propagating these trees, especially in the West Bank. 

  There has been a lot of international effort focused on sustaining the native 
  Olive culture of Palestine, but much less emphasis on the much rarer apricots, 
  pomegranates, walnuts, figs, and more. I am very interested in consulting 
  and collaborating with CFRG growers and experts who may be interested 
  in helping as I embark on this mission, focused on the West Bank's 
  non-olive fruit trees.

  I am a graduate of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in Israel, and I
  have practiced permaculture and biodynamic vegetable growing in the US, but
  one thing I have not yet learned is grafting fruit trees. 

  Therefore, this summer, I am most keen to meet California fruit growers, especially 
  in the Santa Cruz, SF Bay or North Coast areas who can help me learn some grafting 
  techniques, and other relevant fruit tree knowledge.

  Due in part to the Mediterranean climate similarities of inner Palestine, much of Israel,
  and many parts of California, I am hopeful that there will be opportunities for substantial 
  cooperation in research and propagation efforts between people in these bioregions.

  Thank you and I look forward to responses from individual CFRG members.

  Ethan Genauer


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