[NAFEX] ripe mango?

Caren Kirk quirky at videotron.ca
Mon Jun 1 14:11:06 EDT 2009


I've lived in a lot of places and have eaten fruit from all over and have to 
say I am a certified mango addict! Technically I have no experience growing 
them but eating them, oh boy, yes!

I find here in Canadian supermarkets you can basically find 2 distinct types 
available. One type is large and tends to have green/ red skin. Unripe more 
green, ripe more red.  But I find you can't go on colour alone. I find it's 
all about smell, they should definitely be fragrant, and touch, they should 
give slightly if pressed gently with a finger. I find you can leave them out 
on the counter to ripen, but watch out because they can be slow and then, 
bam, they ripen quick like that.  By the way, slightly underripe they can be 
great in a salad but the best salad is ripe mangoes and tomatoes cubed with 
a bit of olive oil, rice vinegar, salt and pepper and a hint of curry 
powder! Sounds bizarre I know but you have to try it, very refreshing in the 
heat of summer.

However my absolute favourite type of mango are smaller, yellowy-green skin 
when unripe turning to orange.  In North America, the closest variety to 
this I have found is the Ataulfo mangoes from Mexico. They are quite small, 
but in my book they are so yummy ripe. Worth paying a little bit more for or 
waiting for the special.

Anyway, now I'm craving mangoes, I will leave you to enjoy yours!

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> Mangos were on sale at the supermarket today.  I love mango in the
> salad bar, but I confess I've never bought a whole fresh mango
> before.  How can I tell if it's ripe?  Do they even ripen after
> they've been picked?  It's from Guatamala, if that makes a
> difference.  (I think there are different types, but don't know how to
> tell which is which.)
> Hey, I'm exploring fruit, even if I didn't grow it.
> Ginda
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