[NAFEX] Watering strawberries/drip irrigation

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Mon Jun 1 10:24:24 EDT 2009

    Strawberries perform best with drip irrigation.  Do it and say "Goodbye" 
to many fungi, fruit rot, etc.  I use T-Tape because it is so economical and 
works great.  One possible reason why folks may be hesitant to buy/use 
T-Tape is because the tape comes in 4,000' to 15,000 ft. rolls and many of 
us would never use all of that but, Jordan Seed in Woodbury, MN 
www.jordanseeds.com (651-738-3422) sells a 750 ft. roll of their 15 mil tape 
with either 8' or 12" drip spacing.  I use the 15 mil because it is almost 
    The only time(s) I have a problem with it is if I accidentally jab a 
fork tine through it or forget where it is and wind it up on the rototiller 
blades. Most of mine is permanently in place and I replace it every 6 to 10 
years, or whenever calcium deposits from the water plug up the emitter 
holes.   I use it on the regular garden too dragging it off every Spring and 
put it back in place before I begin planting.
    If you buy it, be sure you buy pressure reducing regulators (down to 10 
psi) because regular water pressure will blow the fittings off the tape.
    One thing Jordan Seed doesn't sell is thin-wall main line tubing; I like 
it because I can use the same fittings on the main line that I use for the 
T-Tape.  I buy the mail line from Dripworks, Willits, CA  www.dripworks.com 
(800-522-3747).  Dripworks also has a 'Help Line' that I found extremely 
useful when I started using T-Tape.  Also, Dripworks' catalog has pictures 
so you can see the fittings you'll need.

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