[NAFEX] Blackberry........fungus?

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Mon Jun 1 09:36:56 EDT 2009

    My Fort Kent King Blackberries have what looks like a fungus and I don't 
know how to treat it or even if it is treatable.  The symptoms are leaves 
that are slightly more crinkled than normal, all with a yellow fringe. 
Where all normal canes produce flower buds, these infected canes produce 
only foliage.  What is it and how to doctor it?
    I saw it last year for the first time and sprayed it with the fungicide 
I use to spray tomatoes (Daconil) but the blackberries just laughed at me. 
This year, all of the original plants are infected but, surprisingly, none 
of the suckers have it.

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