[NAFEX] Prunus maritima exceptionally hardy, tasty, and late-flowering

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Prunus maritima exceptionally hardy,tasty,and late-flowering
The late-flowering trait of this species holds potential for delaying flowering in other prunus species through interspecific hybridization. 
Is anyone  aware of the existence of any such hybrids (e.g. peach X prunus maritima)
The peach pollen would have to be collected and stored untill the beach plum flowers, or the plum would need to be potted and brought into a heated greenhouse to induce early flowering 
Are there named selections of this species that have been selected for exceptional fruit size and/or fruit quality?
[NAFEX] My Beach Plums (and best jams/jellies)
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 1:45 PM

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 I got my (25) Beach Plum bushes from the New Hampshire Department of 
Conservation several years ago.  One got beat up during a mild Winter and 
then I had 24.  Most were still alive (barely) after last Winter's -38. 
Only two had live growth above the snow-line.  None of them have ever 
suckered.  The two remaining are about 30" high and are wider in diameter 
than they are high.  This isn't the first year they bloomed but it is the 
first year that any have set fruit.
    I bought the original 25 because visitors (tourists) from New England 
asked for the jelly assuming that, of our 30+ varieties, we must have their 
favorite.  They added that if they had visited a shop in Martha's Vineyard, 
for example, if that shop didn't have Beach Plum jelly, they would leave and 
go to the next shop - supposedly(?) it is that good/tasty!
    I'll just keep the plants as a novelty.  Plum jam/jelly is among our 
least sold/poorest sellers.  Our best sellers are Strawberry Jalapeno 
(and/or raspberry Jalapeno and/or Blueberry Jalapeno), Chokecherry, and 
Brambleberry (a mixture of red raspberry and black raspberry that tastes 
better than either of the two separately).

Jim Fruth
Brambleberry Farm
Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
For jams, jellies, syrups and more:
1-877-265-6856 (Toll Free)
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I had a beach plum on St. Julian rootstock for many years, so the species can be grafted to avoid the suckering problem.  Mine was about six feet tall, more like a big bush than a tree.  I only had one, and it bloomed so late nothing was left in bloom to pollinate it, so I never got fruit.
-Lon Rombough
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I've never lost any Beach plums to winter kill, but don't think it has
gotten below -35 here in the last 10 years.  They do sucker & form a
thicket very quickly so work great for wild plantings, for more formal
orchard spacing the suckers would have to be kept up with.  Also a
large percentage of the fruit becomes mummified before becoming ripe,
probably because I do have mine in a thicket & the air circulation is
not good.   Fruit extremely astringent.


What are the best plums for putting up wine in a northern climate?

On Jul 6, 2009, at 7:46 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:

>    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Winter received over an
> inch of
> rain added to the snow so the snow pack had little insulative
> properties.
>    I had 24 Beach Plum bushes and two of them proved to be hardier
> than the others.  These two bloomed producing fruit.
> Question No. 1:  There are no crescent shaped marks on the plums; do
> Curcullios not like Beach Plum?
> Question No. 2:  If all continues as is, I could get a handful of
> plums.
> Hopefully it is not too early to ask; does anyone want seed from
> bushes that
> thrive after -38 F.
> Jim Fruth
> Brambleberry Farm
> Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
> For jams, jellies, syrups and more:
> www.jellygal.com
> 1-877-265-6856 (Toll Free)
> 1-218-831-7018 (My Cell)

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