[NAFEX] calcium, buffers and Imidan

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Fri Jul 31 14:06:13 EDT 2009

Does foliar application ofcalcium help plants?  Can plant leaves
absorb calcium through leaves?

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>     For a few seasons I used a liquid formulation of calicum and it
>did NOT
>drive up the pH (at least to a point of where there was a problem
>pesticides with it).
>     The single reason why I quit using it is that I found that
>applications of CA did little good in many seasons (especially those
>had more than normal rain/less sunlight).  Or an annual ground
>of pelletized CA (late fall applied or very early spring) worked much
>in dealing with related deficiencies.  And it is relatively
>ed....hope this helps
>On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 11:35 AM, Alan Haigh <alandhaigh at gmail.com>
>> Dennis, thanks but my question still lingers.  Anyone else know if
>> sprayable calciums drive up the pH of the spray mix?  I could do a
>> myself but I have no sprayable calcium.  Also, stating that a cup
>of vinegar
>> per 100 gallons is an exceptable buffer is pretty unspecific,
>> coming from you (that's what you get for establishing such high
>standards by
>> way of your much appreciated input).  Commercial buffers provide
>> info about how much to use to lower pH from level to another.
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