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My blueberries all flower at about the same time, and only for a couple of weeks.  Perhaps you could have some removable panels and leave them off during bloom.  Then you could use window screen and exclude most all flying insects.  It's very easy to 'tie' windowsceen to a coarser grade of hardware cloth with baling wire or even button thread if you are also trying to exclude larger pests like racoons.

-- GindaMark Angermayer wrote:

I appoligize for the off-topic question, but I know 
there are several on this list who keep honeybees and I have a 
Here's the deal.  I am considering enclosing 
my blackberry and blueberry planting in hardware cloth.  The purpose of the 
hardware cloth is two-fold.  
1.  To keep the birds out.
2.  To keep the Green June beetles 
It's a pretty big area to enclose, but I'm tired of 
the pest pressure.  However, if possible I'd 
like to make the hardware cloth big enough to allow the honey bees to pollinate 
the berries.  I'm thinking the Green June beetles are about the size of a 
queen bee, so my question is, does anyone know what is the size of the holes of 
a queen excluder? Do queen excluders have round holes, or are they 
square?  I'm thinking 3/8" hardware cloth would keep a queen out and 
let the workers pass through, but I'm not sure.

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