[NAFEX] Further follow-up on tank sludge

sherwin dubren sherwindu at comcast.net
Thu Jul 30 23:43:36 EDT 2009

Sorry for the multiple threads I'm creating, but I still
have not figured out how to reply to messages, since I
have elected not to download posted messages automatically.

I have found out that the calcium product used in my tank
is called Nutri-Cal.  The manufacturer has a web site 
at:www.nutri-cal.com.  They describe their product as:

Nutri-Cal® is an organically complexed calcium solution which consists 
of specific polyhydroxycarboxylic acids and 5-carbon carbohydrate 
groups, referred to as T.O.G., which are extracted from natural plant 
tissue. The T.O.G. complexes the elemental calcium ion ....

The way this calcium is formulated, I don't believe it changes
the PH in any way.  They say it can be mixed with any other
chemicals except phosphate fertilizers.  However, not being
a chemist, I don't know that for a fact.

It is true that Imidan needs a slightly acidic media to be
effective.  I just learned from the person who sold me the
product, a fellow backyard fruit grower, that he adds some
plain vinegar to his mix to get the PH to be more acidic.
He also recommended making a slurry paste with any wettable
powder before adding it to the tank, to assure that it
dissolves properly.

Even with the sludge, my fruit trees seem to be in control of
insect and fungicide problems.  Perhaps the sludge is an
indication that I am not getting the full effect of the
spraying.  However, if the sludge is made up of inert
ingredients, it should not have any effect on the spraying.

I plan to continue with my mix, although I may change the way
it is put together in the tank.  If I find out further facts
to the contrary, that will be my future plan.


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