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Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Thu Jul 30 23:37:50 EDT 2009

I don't know about current technology, but the old queen excluders were 
made of parallel rods  rather than square holes.  On the other hand, 
the old pollen collectors used hardware cloth to scrape the pollen 
pellets off the bees' legs.   You might want to check with a company 
that makes bee supplies on the size of the holes.  Even if the holes 
allow them to pass, they might discourage the bees from entering if 
it's too much work.
-Lon Rombough
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On Jul 30, 2009, at 8:20 PM, Mark Angermayer wrote:

I appoligize for the off-topic question, but I know there are several 
on this list who keep honeybees and I have a question.
Here's the deal.  I am considering enclosing my blackberry and 
blueberry planting in hardware cloth.  The purpose of the hardware 
cloth is two-fold. 
1.  To keep the birds out.
2.  To keep the Green June beetles out.
It's a pretty big area to enclose, but I'm tired of the pest pressure.  
However, if possible I'd like to make the hardware cloth big enough to 
allow the honey bees to pollinate the berries.  I'm thinking the Green 
June beetles are about the size of a queen bee, so my question is, does 
anyone know what is the size of the holes of a queen excluder? Do queen 
excluders have round holes, or are they square?  I'm thinking 3/8" 
hardware cloth would keep a queen out and let the workers pass through, 
but I'm not sure.
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