[NAFEX] Strawberry Transplants

Ray Kaminski r-jkaminski at att.net
Thu Jul 30 06:41:06 EDT 2009

Jim. I do not fully agree that you cannot transplant strawberries in the
late fall.  I grow about a 30 foot row of Honeoye berries and am in zone
4-5. Last year we had quite a bit of snow early and the patch was covered
from early December to April.  Some years with little snow, the ground under
the straw (cover) that I apply is frozen probably a good 6 inches or more.

In late fall, about the end of September, I fill in the spots  in the row
where the plants are missing or too far apart with other plants that are too
close to each other or have gone outside the row.  I try to have the plants
set about 6 inches apart from each other and a well filled in row about 4
feet wide. In the spring I check the plants for any that might not have made
it and ones that are not going to produce that year.  I have yet to find
that any(close to zero) I moved are not producing. I water them good after
transplanting and to me they seem very happy in their new home.  I till up
all but the last foot of last years row and start a new row 4 feet away from
that row.  When the runners start coming I move them so they go to each
other and by fall I have a nice, fairly full row.  I use my own berry plants
as I have not had disease or problems with them. Ray 


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