[NAFEX] Herbicide drift on food crops

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Thu Jul 30 00:40:17 EDT 2009

I wasn't basing the restricted-use statement on the danger label, but  
on the fact that the label I cited states:

"For Sale To And Use By Commercial
Applicators And Professional
Landscapers Only.
Not For Sale To Or Use By Homeowners".

It's possible that the label that came up on Google is only used in  
some states and not in others.

I know that the Danger label is not related to whether it's labeled for  
food crops -- there are pesticides that are labeled for use on food  
crops that are in the Danger classification. Sorry that I wasn't clear  
about that -- I was basing my recommendation not to eat the produce on  
the fact that it's clearly not labeled for anything edible, and on the  
original poster's statement that the "product specialist" said not to  
eat anything it might have contacted; not on the Danger label. It does  
strike me as odd that a product with both a Danger label and a 48-hour  
re-entry period is legal to use on residential lawns; and I do think  
it's irresponsible to spray a Danger level pesticide in such a fashion  
that it drifts across neighboring properties. The garden might have had  
children in it as well as vegetables. (That's one reason I felt it made  
a difference whether the person who owned the garden had in fact  
requested the spray on the property, just not requested it on the  
garden -- if you order something applied, I think you share the  
responsibility for keeping children, pets, etc. out of the way; if this  
came over unexpectedly from a different property, it's a different  

-- Rivka

On Jul 29, 2009, at 10:53 PM, Mark Angermayer wrote:

> Although I don't use Vessel, it is not a restricted-use pesticide, at  
> least on a national level.  It may be restricted in some states, I  
> don't know.
> A Danger signal word has nothing to do with it's safety on food  
> crops.  Some Captan formulations have a Danger signal word, and can be  
> used up to day of harvest on many fruit crops.  A chemical can earn a  
> Danger signal word because of potential eye damage.  This is the case  
> with Captan, and appears to be the case with Vessel.
> Mark
> KS
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>> On Jul 29, 2009, at 3:52 PM, akmanty wrote:
>>> The produce was Vessel. Peas, radish, grapes especially showed
>>> signs. Rest of garden is a "guess" at best, though it was
>>> windy. Product specialist says if any chance of spray drift, don't
>>> eat, including potatoes, carrots, etc. down in the ground; also wait
>>> 30 days before replanting; not too likely in our climate. Anyone
>>> have similar experience or opinions re: eating the food; long term
>>> effects? Thank you
>>> Karen, WI zone 5
>> Did you ask for this stuff to be used on your property? If not, the  
>> applicator was not behaving in accordance with their license. I have  
>> no experience with the particular chemical; but found the lable info  
>> searching online. This appears to be a danger-label (highest level of  
>> hazard on labels: levels are caution, warning, and danger) restricted  
>> use herbicide not intended for use on anything for consumption, and  
>> not supposed to be sold to or used by anyone not licensed to do so.
>> I would call both EPA (or WI's version of NY DEC) and/or the applying  
>> company and notify them of the problem; at least, unless you asked to  
>> have adjacent lawn treated with this, in which case I'd probably just  
>> call the applying company.
>> Stay out of the area for 48 hours, unless wearing protective gear  
>> (see label instructions, link below).
>> If you have pets, consult with your veterinarian, especially if they  
>> were in the area during the drift or within the 48 hours.
>> If the specialist says don't eat the stuff, I wouldn't eat the stuff;  
>> at least not without a lot more research.
>> Despite the 48 hour re-entry and the danger label, it does appear to  
>> be legal to use Vessel on residential lawns, as long as it's applied  
>> by professionals. I'd a lot rather have weeds, myself.
>> Product information here: (this is the HTML version according to  
>> Google; if you google "Vessel herbicide" the PDF version should pop  
>> up in the first few results).
>> q=cache%3AFkFTDquHp3kJ%3Awww.prokoz.net%2Fsite_files%2Fproducts%2Ffile 
>> %2FVessel_Label.pdf+Vessel+3-Way+Herbicide&hl=en&gl=us
>> --Rivka
>> Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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