[NAFEX] late blight warning (was climate, weather and fruit)

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Mon Jul 27 00:06:15 EDT 2009

On Jul 26, 2009, at 1:11 PM, Road's End Farm wrote:

> On Jul 26, 2009, at 12:20 AM, Ginda Fisher wrote:
>> The tomatoes look very sad, and are well behind where they ought to
>> be.  They also sem to have more problems with dying leaves than
>> normal.  I thought that was virus, but maybe it's a little of this  
>> and
>> a little of that, and some of that is wilt.
> Ginda, you do know to watch out for late blight, right? It's early  
> this year, as a lot of the big box stores sold infected transplants  
> all over the Northeast; and weather, in many areas, has been  
> favorable to disease development.
> Your county extension agent should be able to identify the problem  
> for you.
> Some good info and links from the site below (tailored to NY state,  
> but most of it generally useful info):
> http://nofany.org/hottopics/lateblight2009.htm
> --Rivka

Thanks.  I'd heard about it vaguely, but wasn't really aware of it.   
But my symptoms look nothing like the photos there, and I did't buy  
any plants from "big box" stores (although I suppose my local garden  
shop might have), so that's probably not it.  Also, one of the  
tomoatoes is MUCH more affected than the three right next to it, and  
it's the one with the least resistence to "standard viruses" so I  
really think it's mostly the usual endemic tomato viruses, perhaps  
aided by the lack of vigor the tomatoes have in this weather.

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