[NAFEX] Pomona time again!

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Sun Jul 26 16:42:50 EDT 2009

Folks, I wanted to say a word about Jacquelyn and the job of editor in
general...especially in light of the recent threads.  Hopefully the
thoughts below aren't taken to be lecture but food for thought...

No offense to the other board members and folks who work for NAFEX (and
other organizations), but the hardest, most time-consuming job in most, if
not all organizations is that of an editor.  Truthfully, editors should
never have to go in search of content.  Alas, that isn't always practical
as we all go about our busy lives and form our own priority lists.  We
should be sending it to them.  To have an editor actively work to get
content takes them off the task of editing.  Unfortunately, I can
personally attest to this albeit on a much smaller scale.  Luckily, this
list has several editors from a number of organizations...and several more
who have been editors at one time or another.

Anyway, there are a good many folks here who are experts at what they do,
many more who are pretty advanced...and a lot of us who are on the front
end of the learning curve.  Folks who have been around a while have many
years of experience that they often assume people already know.  For the
beginners, your experiences are golden...and would be highly appreciated. 
Tips, experiences, etc may be highly useful even between the more learned
of the group.  And you beginners might help others talking about the stuff
you've done thus far, or posting questions the more experienced might be
able to field.  What I'm going a long way to say is that each of you have
experiences someone in NAFEX may benefit from, and it really only takes a
little bit from a lot of you for her to be flooded with content.  The
absolute dream of every editor is to have so much content that they can
bump articles one or more issues...or better yet, have a stuffed folder
full of articles and snippets such that they can start forming issues
based on their schedule, NOT meeting a deadline.

So here is my simple plea... if you have a few spare minutes to write up
something for Jacquelyn, we'd all appreciate it.  Your experience and
knowledge is valuable.

Thanks all.  I hope the season is full and your harvests bountiful.

On Fri, July 24, 2009 17:30, Jacquelyn Kuehn wrote:
> I am in need of quite a few more articles for the fall Pomona; your
> experiences and observations are valuable to all. If you have a few
> minutes, please write them down and send them along to me. Thanks to all
> who have already submitted something for fall! Jacquelyn A. Kuehn
> Musician, writer
> http://www.pennsacreskitchen.net

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