[NAFEX] climate, weather and fruit

mIEKAL aND qazingulaza at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 09:08:09 EDT 2009

In the last month we had one day of record cold (58 for high) & 3  
weeks previous to that a record high (105).  We've been known to have  
cold summers or hot summers but drastic quick swings like this are  
very new to me.  Despite that I've been having a great year, ripened  
enough red currants, strawberries & nanking cherries to put up a  
carboy of Summerberry wine & enough Crandalls to make a big batch of  
Black Currant Melomel.  Black rot seems to be in check so far this  
year on all the various grapes (except for Valiant) & I might even  
start dreaming of buckets of grapes for this year.   Had prolific  
production from 5 Bali & a couple Montmorency & Evans but the robins  
gracious picked 95% of the crop for me.  First year of apricots & had  
good set on some very old seedling Manchurian (12-14 years old) for  
the first time ever, but every last fruit shriveled about the pit, I'm  
wondering it that the result of plum curculio?

& big apologies for getting the global warming monster started again,  
I was more posting the article to see if folks in that area had  
anecdotal evidence that verified the report.  I work in the organic  
industry where global warming is not a theory but a call to action  
that affects farm plans & daily practices on the land.  Which is to  
say, it's easy for me to forget how controversial it is to some  
outside that world.


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