[NAFEX] Strawberry runners

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Tue Jul 21 09:47:30 EDT 2009

On Jul 21, 2009, at 9:35 AM, Raby, Brian wrote:

> Melissa,
> Rivka beat me to the point… if you google “renovating strawberries” 
> many of the web sites mention this process.  
> Rivka, I did mow fairly soon after harvest was done.  I was also 
> careful about how close to the crown I mowed.  When done, I spread 
> 10-10-10 over the rows and generously watered it in.
> Brian

Are you sure they needed the 10-10-10?

According to my soil tests, mine usually only need a little N; I use 
fishmeal. Your soils and previous amendment applications are probably 
different from mine, of course; so what yours need is likely to vary 
from my results.

I don't know whether that might affect runnering.

--Rivka (who needs to go get something else done now, before the rain 
comes back)
Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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