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My strawberries have always put out tons of runners.  Last year, for the
first time, I decided to renovate the patch.  So I mowed immediately after
harvest and fertilized.  For the first time, there were hardly any runners.
This year I did my normal routine after harvest, which is, do nothing, and
the strawberries are back to throwing runners profusely.  My opinion is,
mowing takes the foliage away, which would otherwise provide energy for the
plant to produce runners.

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I think I have about five different varieties in my garden.  Would need to
look up the variety names but they are June bearing.  I mowed them down
shortly after they were down fruiting (about July 4th weekend) and they are
coming back nice and healthy.  Unfortunately, no runners.  I know when I
first bought them that I was getting runners from them.  Now. no such luck.

Thanks for the response.


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I'm no expert, but I think that if they've sent out no runners in all this
time, they never will. (Assuming conditions are OK, and if they're good
enough for fruit, they should be good enough for runners.) Runners are
expanding out of my strawberry bed like an ocean wave, which is good, since
I want more of them. They're the 'Mara de Bois' variety.

Alpine strawberries don't runner at all, I think. Is that what you have?

NY zone 5

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