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I'm no expert, but I think that if they've sent out no runners in all this time, they never will. (Assuming conditions are OK, and if they're good enough for fruit, they should be good enough for runners.) Runners are expanding out of my strawberry bed like an ocean wave, which is good, since I want more of them. They're the 'Mara de Bois' variety.

Alpine strawberries don't runner at all, I think. Is that what you have?

NY zone 5

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Question for the strawberry experts:  when
do strawberries start laying out runners?  I don’t recall seeing a lot
last year and as I was weeding the beds last weekend, I wasn’t seeing a
lot of development going on either.  Is it a matter of nutrient level, moisture
level or day length?  An inquiring mind wants to know.  My rows have many holes
in them and I would like to see them filled in naturally (runners) if not by
transplanting (last resort). 






Zone 5/6 


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