[NAFEX] Deer and European Plums

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Sun Jul 19 23:54:22 EDT 2009

Thanks Jim. I have 4 apples trees just several steps away but not a 
nibble on them so far. The plums are a little closer to where they 
usually enter the yard.
Tonight I have the driveway alarm guarding the plum trees and the 
electronic scarecrow is guarding 2 apple trees in case they come in 
through my neighbor's back yard. If they come in the back yard way, or 
if they just decide to wander in that direction for a change, they will 
be blasted with impulses of water.  :-)


nottke1 wrote:
> Steve,
> The experience of our rural neighborhood, which has many types of fruit, is the deer favor
  the leaves of apple and European plum, then Asian plum, then American 
plum, then domesticated
  cherry, then blueberry - never had any damage on grape, pear, pawpaw, 
persimmon, or nut trees.
> Jim

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