[NAFEX] Nafex Forum?

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Sun Jul 19 13:47:06 EDT 2009

Hi Ron,
This isn't really a newsgroup, it's just an e-mail list that is 
distributed by ibiblio.org. The difference is that the e-mails come 
directly to your e-mail address rather than you needing to find them on 
a news server.
I feel that "site" should only refer to a web site.
This isn't a true "forum" but we use it like one I think.
I think of what I'm writing as a "post" because I'm putting it up for 
everyone here to see but maybe that term should be reserved for true 
forums and newsgroups.

As far as following the "thread", there are multiple problems here. 
First, if you have your preferences set to receive this e-mail list in 
digest form, there is no thread. You will receive messages in the order 
they came in and it's hard to follow any one discussion.
I have my preferences set to receive individual e-mails and I have my 
e-mail program (Thunderbird) set to show the messages threaded. Still, 
there are major problems because of how members do things here. People 
cheat and reply to a post, change the subject and think they are 
starting a new thread. The thread this message will appear in is a prime 
example. Unless my mail program has messed up (doubt it) here is how 
this thread has gone:
First Ernest P started the thread as "Clover".
Then Claude J replied and changed the subject to "Bears".
A while later it appears that Donna replied and changed the subject to 
"amusing the audience".
Today, Ron replied to something in the thread and changed the subject to 
"Nafex Forum?" That is how the thread will continue for now.

The way things should be done is for everyone to hit reply when they 
want to continue a current discussion and then have 
<nafex at lists.ibiblio.org> in their address book and start a new message 
to that address when they want to start a new subject.

That will never happen because those who choose to read this in digest 
form can't possibly reply to any one subject and those who do not know 
how to read the messages in threaded form have no idea what the problem 
is because it looks all the same to them. Then some people are just too 
lazy to start a new message because it's so easy to just hit reply and 
type away. (Just my opinion... sorry.)


Ron wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a lurker, and just renewed my membership for two years so I'll be 
> enjoying your insights, debates (and humor) for the near future.
> Howerver, I would like some clarification.  I see the word, 
> "site", "posts", and even "forum" tossed around in emails.  Is the 
> e-mail newsgroup what you are all refering to? Or is there also a 
> regular forum which has topics and searchability that I'm missing out 
> on.  Why I ask is that I find it hard to follow the "thread" of 
> conversation. since they get all lumped together in my inbox.
> Thanks,
> Ron
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