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S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Fri Jul 17 18:19:27 EDT 2009

I've got a friend at work, nice lady.  She and I were discussing buying
silver once day and she said that when TSHTF she'll be a rich woman, and it
wasn't going to be silver making her so.  I asked politely what she stocked
now that would be of such value then and she said "shotgun shells".  She
made a convincing argument that they were the best and most portable means
of wealth should a breakdown in society happen.  


I can live without the chocolate, coffee and probably even oranges.  I will
miss bananas and though I have a tea plant I will miss that too (one plant
will not suffice for my iced tea habit).  I do, however, live near an
immense salt mine and its likely to be less valuable around here than fruit
fattened squirrel.


I was more lamenting feeding wildlife to such an extent that I see but a
pittance of my labors among the fruit trees more than anything else.


Btw, Kevin, you sound like a libertarian to me (high praise indeed:-))


Scott Hills

Zone 6b Michigan



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Scott, unless you live near a pristine coastline, you had better stash a few
tons of salt away. If society does indeed collapse in your lifetime, you
will not be able to get this precious and necessary substance, not to
mention black pepper, chocolate, coffee and depending on where you live,
oranges, bananas and tea, etc. What we really need is some sort of locally
accepted local currency that is not backed (or mismanaged) by the Federal
government. Coins minted of precious metals have always been accepted
worldwide by every culture until recently. So you might want to corner the
market in silver too.
Good luck to you. As for me, there are so many people around here toting
guns and who have the attitude that they can take what they want, I doubt I
would be able to hold on to much if it came down to it.


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