[NAFEX] Carpathian walnuts in the northeast

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I grew up with a Carpathian, initially planted by a Reverend Crath who
planted a 'Carpathian' sometime in the thirties. The tree was removed to
make way for a double garage in 1960. About four months after the removal, a
person knocked on out door and to our surprise, requested to see the tree as
reported on a nutgrowers magazine, a copy of which was in his hand
(including the tree address). The headline on the cover said "Tree Find of
the Century"! A google search revealed the following:


In the sixties, my parents visited the 'homeland' and brought back with them
some Carpathian nuts. One is growing well in Toronto and bears a good crop
of nuts that aren't harvested. As Alan suggested, 'I'm sure the tree is on
the dance list of every Tree Rat within a mile!'

Toronto is in Canadian Zone 6a, mid to high 20's C in July, (not this year -
where Oh WHERE can global warming be?) and in winter to the -10 to -15C.
Extremes can go to -25 winter and +35 summer - with humidity! The
Carpathians seem to do okay, as they do for  the people who have
transplanted some seedlings. The soil where the tree is planted is heavy
clay that needs a jack-hammer to penetrate. - but the tree is doing well!


On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 7:21 AM, Alan Haigh <alandhaigh at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've never seen a single walnut for sale at a farmer's market here.
> Homeowners often see these trees offered in catalogues and plant them but I
> never hear of anyone harvesting them although I sometimes see them in
> people's yards.  They seem to have insect problems that would require an
> individual spray regimen (some kind of fly-maggot) and if you don't have a
> very large field to make squirrels very nervous to cross, your odds of
> harvesting any are probably pretty small. I am intrigued by the suggestion
> here of digging small holes and filling them with partially composted leaves
> to encourage squirrels to leave some nuts where you can find them.
> ...I have a nephew who has wonderful crops of Carpathians in Idaho so I'm
> thinking they are better suited to the dry West.
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