[NAFEX] amusing the audience (Kieran &/or Donna)

Terry Bradshaw terryb at lostmeadowvt.com
Thu Jul 16 13:40:20 EDT 2009

Great piece, thanks.


> ....But will that person, the person we actually become, actually 
> be happy with the results of all the planning and work we do for them?  Will 
> they rue, "with aching back" as Chris says, "the day I decided to plant old 
> fashioned pears"?  Will all this effort actually give me the intense joy and 
> pleasure I experienced in the late 1970's biting into a wonderful Conference 
> pear?  Will having unlimited quantities of such pears make me happier than I 
> was when I had to carefully consider my budget to buy one Conference pear?....
Terence Bradshaw
Lost Meadow Orchard and Cidery
Calais, VT 

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