[NAFEX] clover and deer

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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Yes, deer are very fond of clover.  When I lived in deer country I kept
clover growing outside of my garden.  Deer would head toward the garden and
be happily distracted by the clover.  I began leaving the garden gate open.
Deer would still wander into the garden, but, full of clover, would do
almost zero damage.  I was actually pleasurable having deer in the garden
(very large garden/small farmlet) as I worked.  They would stand behind the
corn, curiously watching.

~ Stephen

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My son and I plowed two acres of pasture filled with weeds.  Disked
it and hand-seeded with a mixture of clover and rolled seed into
ground.  Germinated well and choked out emerging weeds.  Clover
attracted many deer and many ruffed grouse.  Too many deer.  Look at
the properties of clover.  Pick a variety that is good for your
climate.  We planted oats this year to attract bears.  When oats is
in the milky stage every bear in the area will show up.

zone 2/3  Minnesota

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