[NAFEX] special Living Mulch clover: Establishing Plans

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Stop. Drop. And roll. I would either pelletize the seed in clay and broadcast it or simply spread the seed and roll it with a lawn roller. Most of it should come up either way, but pelletized seed tends to discourage predation by birds, etc.


Most all the clover seed I’ve bought in the last 10 years – but I buy several hundred pounds at at time to renovate pastures – comes ‘pre-inoculated’ with the appropriate species of Rhizobium bacteria, and pelletized inside what I’m presuming is a coating of lime – just what those tiny little clover seeds need to get started.

In a pasture setting, I ‘frost-seed’ – broadcast the seed around Valentine’s Day – the previous and subsequent heaving/collapse of the soil surface in the repeated freeze-thaw cycles is quite efficient in working those tiny little legume seeds into good soil contact without placing them too deeply to germinate.

Clovers like ‘open ground’, so if you have a heavy grass component, it may be necessary, or at least helpful, to burn the grass back with glyphosate prior to sowing the clover seed.





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I may have missed the answer if already given. Can you tell me how you plan to establish the clover ? Are you going to burn down with Roundup first ? We use up 50 bales of hay or straw each year trying to suppress weeds between rows. It is an itchy time consuming project. We would welcome the clover but haven’t figured out how to start it. Roto-tilling would be too close to roots also we have been told that ground seed contact is very important.

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