[NAFEX] regarding clovers inbetween tree row

Webmail wynne wynne at crcwnet.com
Tue Jul 7 01:16:20 EDT 2009

we have had great success growing the shorter clover (white dutch)in
the tree row because we have hanging sprinklers at about 2 feet off
the ground.we were limited
the size of the ground cover,
but, inbetween the rows, we grew red clover because of greater
production of materials--lots of green matter when it's cut--
we added some dill, coreopsis,coriender, yarrow, mixed with the red
clover  for amusement for the farmer and to keep the bees and everyone
happy  the more
flowering things in the field creates a tremendous diversity of bugs and well,
two nights ago my husband climbed out of the water tank we use for staying alive
in the desert only to face 8 young wild mountain sheep   they liked the clovers
and looked like they wanted in the pool   it was high 90's never do know whos
coming for dinner out there...
wynne in nc washington  cooled to 70's and windy     cherries and cots

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