[NAFEX] special Living Mulch clover: still available? How hardy?

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Mon Jul 6 13:07:30 EDT 2009

Any clover will cover the ground, suppress weeds, and fix nitrogen, but
subterranean clovers (subclovers) are often used.  They die back early and
reseed heavily, reappearing with vigor.  They're very happy here in
California with our Mediterranean climate, but are certainly used elsewhere.
You might want to start there, but search other clovers for what meets your
criteria for maintenance and climate.

~ Stephen

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As to that special type of limited-growth clover
for use as a living mulch (between fruit trees or plants, e.g.), there
seems , by my efforts anyhow, difficulty finding out much about it on
the web.  Whether there's some specific name for that needs to be used
searching, I don't know.
I did remember it as having in recent years, been sold by Indiana
Berry & Plant, but I find nothing about it in their catalog or on
their website.
I'm not sure it has proven all that hardy, and so maybe for the Zone
5b site I have in mind for it (between blueberry rows) I would be
better off with regular white clover anyway.

Not sure of others' "take" on this, but I though it interesting that
there may be so very little readily available info on it online, and
as well that a major company like IB&P seems to have stopped selling
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