[NAFEX] special Living Mulch clover: still available? How hardy?

Heath Flax 8orge.onx at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 07:01:38 EDT 2009

As to that special type of limited-growth clover
for use as a living mulch (between fruit trees or plants, e.g.), there
seems , by my efforts anyhow, difficulty finding out much about it on
the web.  Whether there's some specific name for that needs to be used
searching, I don't know.
I did remember it as having in recent years, been sold by Indiana
Berry & Plant, but I find nothing about it in their catalog or on
their website.
I'm not sure it has proven all that hardy, and so maybe for the Zone
5b site I have in mind for it (between blueberry rows) I would be
better off with regular white clover anyway.

Not sure of others' "take" on this, but I though it interesting that
there may be so very little readily available info on it online, and
as well that a major company like IB&P seems to have stopped selling

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