[NAFEX] Plum incompatble with apricot? - a story

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Sun Jul 5 16:58:19 EDT 2009


I really think they were talking about pollination, but your message 
gives me pause.  We had a really fierce winter this year in central 
Virginia with the typical 80 degree days in January, followed by nasty 
cold weather, then it began to let up in early March, then came three 
nights with 6 degree F temps.  I had weird stuff happen in the orchard. 
  I went out to prune and found chunks of bark missing from branches 
(like a sudden freeze "blow-out" I've heard about but never seen).  One 
was so bad, the branch was girdled and that part of the tree was dead.

I have had trees die this year and am still having trees die.  Two 
pears, Collette and Seckel (fireblight), two seedling persimmons, and my 
Ichi Kei Ki Jeiro (it leafed out, bloomed, then sudden wilt and death - 
very strange).  One was the Harglow Apricot I had planted between two 
(scary music) Plums, a purple leafed plum from Edible Landscaping and a 
1ER Russian plum from Hidden Springs Nursery, TN.  I am not sure how 
these plums, which appear healthy (except for the severe blowout 
mentioned above on the 1ER Plum could possibly have contributed to the 
Apricot's demise.  I have examined the tree, and couldn't find anything 
untoward.  I'll dig it up soon and see if the roots are damaged, but it 
doesn't "wiggle".

Barbara Rosholdt

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