[NAFEX] NorthStar cherries

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'North Star' is my favorite pie cherry as well.  Reliable, good flavor, heavy producer & just as you said- a terrific landscape tree.  Does very well in the Southeast as well.

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>Over the years I have ordered a few NorthStar cherry trees...interesting the variability in the trees.  There are notable differences in the quality and quantity of fruit, in the ripening dates, and in the size of the trees.   Currently I have 9 trees and two are identical in habit and form, with less desirable characteristics than the others.  The best of these is in its third year and yielded 25 half pints of cherries, averaging 3/4 inch in diameter, and about 3/4 the size of typical Bing, left on the tree, the turn into a delicious and ridiculously juicy sweet tart flavor and alll this of a tree that if 4 ft tall.  Amazing.  
>I cannot sing the praises enough of these tree as landscape specimens and for care free maintenance.  I have never fertilized mine and the 15 year old specimens just keep on producing.  
>Anyways, back to pitting (using a paper clip, I do about 20 half pints an hour).
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