[NAFEX] Re 100 vars pear in Fla?

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I've had similar experiences with summer pears in the South... poor quality, rapid breakdown.  The local "favorite" summer pear in North Georgia is one called 'June Sugar'.  In a word, they are inedible.  I can't imagine why they were grown.  With all the peaches, plums and berries in the summer, I'm happy to wait till Fall for good pears.  The 'Wilder Early' is somewhat of an exception- it actually tasted good and was juicy (when just picked).

If you'd like some scionwood, just send me a reminder this Winter & I'll be glad to send some.

Best regards,


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>    You are a big help (sarcasm here).  Hey, I have to look up Wilder Early 
>now, if yours is living.  See, the same week I picked off this tasteless 
>cooking only pear that I assumed had to be "Early Harvest", someone at work 
>brought in a different pear from her grandmother's tree and I didn't hear 
>about them till they were mush.  The fruit are smaller, skinnier, and have a 
>tougher skin that what I picked.  Apparently they also were juicy and sweet. 
>The tree here in town made woody fruit with no acid and very little flavor. 
>They were fine cooked with acid fruits: gooseberries, blackberries, 
>underripe blueberries(the Baldwins have no flavor when ripe).  I put some in 
>a curry with summer squash, and when I put a peice of pear in my mouth I 
>couldn't tell it apart from the squash.  Kieffers have a lot more character. 
>the one thing you can say for it, besides being early and not sour, is that 
>there was no grit at all.  The skin is thin and no grit in it either, so 
>required no peeling to cook.
>    I have asked for some summer budwood from the coworkers tree.  This is 
>all so exciting.  there won't be too many varieties to choose from to ID it 
>this early in the year.   Donna 
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