[NAFEX] Plum incompatble with apricot?

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Thanks Melissa,
       Whether it has been answered or not - I appreciate your input!  I am glad I have access to people who can share their experiences.  This is another possibility that I had not even thought of.  I just got nervous reading that information in the book because one of the apricots I am going to plant took me years to find - the Royalty apricot.  I don't want to do anything to defeat its success even before it has a chance to establish itself.  Thanks again for your info!

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Maybe your book meant they don't pollinate each other, since the apricot blooms before the plum.

I haven't checked email for a week and I'm catching up now, so forgive me if this has been answered already.


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Subject: [NAFEX] Plum incompatble with apricot?
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     Has anyone ever heard of plums being a bad idea to be planted next to apricots?  I happened upon a book that listed plums as being "incompatible" with apricot trees?  If it is true is it because they would be a host to bugs or infection that apricots wouldn't normally have to deal with?

When someone says that plum is incompatable with apricot I tend to thinak incompatable as in graft incompatable.


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