[NAFEX] pear psyla

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 14:43:48 EDT 2009

I have been having a running battle with pear psyla on my own nursery and
orchard and I wonder if any of you can give me some helpful tips at

I have been using summer oil, which has been reasonably affective, but about
30 days after last application I saw the shoots starting to shrivel and ID'd
some of the bastards with my glass.  It's nice and cool so I shot on some
more oil at about 1.5%.  I thought about throwing some Avaunt in the mix
but decided to send out this note instead to see if any of you have
experience at bringing this pest to extinction on a site.  I hate the extra
maintenance but I'm afraid it may be a permanent hassle.

For any of you who might have a couple of pear trees that never quite seem
to thrive well enough to bear crops and get soot on the leaves without the
presence of aphids- you probably have psyla.  Leaves will probably be tended
to by ants or yellow jackets.   It's an easy pest to miss or mis-diagnose as
aphids, although that would require some carelessness.  I have seen this
mistake made by a commercial tree care company.
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