[NAFEX] pears and fireblight

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 14:27:30 EDT 2009

I manage and have managed quite a number of different pear cultivars at
various sites in southeastern NY.  The only variety that has had bad enough
fire blight to disfigure a tree is Bosc- 2 trees at 2 sites.  At one of
those sites I also got some strikes on a red Bartlett and a Seckel but it
left Harvest Queen alone.  It also did some minor damage on  Jonagold and
Honeycrisp.  Quince seems to have been the big FB sponge that brought the
innoculum there.

Out of the scores of other pears I manage not a single strike in 20 years.
Even at the other disfigured Bosc site there is another Bosc 20 ft away that
never was affected.  I have never used anything to try to control this

It's been an extremely wet spring-early summer here, but I've only seen one
case of FB- it was some small shoots on a Honeycrisp apple.  There is a Bosc
and other pears nearby.  I'm guessing our cooler springs help reduce
incidence of FB but the literature for commercial growing is rife with
warnings of the danger.  Maybe it is cyclical and a bad outbreak could occur
any decade or moment now.
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