[NAFEX] Pears/Fireblight

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Fri Jul 3 19:50:56 EDT 2009

It was written:

The data on fireblight susceptibility of 'Wilder Early' are mixed.  I 
rather expected my trees to perish quickly when I first grafted them. 

My reply:

You might want to consider that fireblight is not a problem rather a series of problems.  Or stated differently it is very likely there are strains of fireblight.

In my area this infamous Magness does not successfully wall of fireblight, it consumes the tree.  On the other hand Harrow Sweet, Harvest Queen, and Potomac for wall off fireblight when it occurs.  Every Magness in my yard had been lost to fireblight unless it was  branch graft on another tree, i.e I get  a few Magness from my Harvest Queen.

On the other hand plain ol' Bartlett does fine here.  So do many blight susceptible trees. 


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