[NAFEX] Black/Red Raspberry Question

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 2 10:16:34 EDT 2009

This is the standard advice that has been given for many many years and it has to do with diseases, especially viruses.  Red raspberries are often non-symptomatic carriers of a variety of different viruses that negatively impact black raspberries.  Separating them as far as possible (the often suggested distance is at least 300 feet, which is not feasible for most people) and destroying all wild growing brambles in the vicinity is supposed to reduce the risk of spread of these latent infections into highly susceptible plants.  

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> Subject: [NAFEX] Black/Red Raspberry Question
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>     As many of you know, I
> sell black raspberry plants.  We've all heard of 
> frequently asked questions and the one I hear most often
> is, "I heard that 
> black raspberries and red raspberries shouldn't be planted
> close to each 
> other; why is that?"
>     I'm still wondering.  Who could have
> possibly started/spread that rumor 
> and why?
>     What I tell customers is, "If you are going
> to plant bird-planted 
> seedlings, you could get black/red crossed plants."  I
> test most of my 
> seedlings and occasionally one yields purple fruit but I
> can't see how that 
> might be a problem with most people.
>     One other possibility is that cane borer
> infestations are less likely to 
> be noticed among reds because of the multitude of canes and
> could become a 
> problem in the blacks (blacks typically have fewer canes).
>     None of my customers could tell from whom
> they heard the rumor or why. 
> Please; would you venture a guess?
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