[NAFEX] Update on U of Saskatchewan cherries

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Thu Jul 2 09:06:06 EDT 2009

This note is from Felix Cooper who seems to be the source of Carmine
Jewel being sold in the US.  It looks like not a lot more can be done
at this point other than someone else securing a propagation license
to distribute thru another nursery.  I know that I would never buy a
large amount of any stock from Gurney's.


From: "Felix Cooper" <felix at gardensalive.com>
To: "Miekal And" <miekal.and at organicvalley.coop>

Hi Miekal,

We do indeed have a propagation license with the University of
Saskatchewan on Carmine Jewel and Crimson Passion bush cherries.
Currently these are the only two that have been indexed for viruses (a
requirement for import). We do not currently sell Crimson Passion due to
this cultivar (having a reputation in Canada) having of extremely high
mortality at transplant (cause unknown). We have seen the same problem
with Crimson Passion in our trial fields here in the states. Carmine
Jewel is an excellent cultivar and we should have plenty for sale in the
Gurneys fall catalog.

When other UofS cherries are cleared of viruses, and this is an
important issue as some of the clones have tested positive for Cherry
virus A, then the University will release plant material to us here at
our research facility for testing in the US. From reading some of your
discussion on the NAFEX chat I understand you are interested in getting
some for trial at your place and that there are others interested as
well. Why not accumulate a list of folks that have expressed interest
and I can send you folks updates as things progress.

Hope this helps.


Felix Cooper
Director of Research & Development
Gardens Alive
110 W Elm St
Tipp City, OH 45371
937-667-2491 x3018

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